Inside the New Sanctuary Movement That’s Protecting Immigrants From ICE (The Nation)

Can a network of churches fight deportations?

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For migrants in Arizona who call 911, it’s Border Patrol on the line (Al Jazeera America)

 Critics say system of transferring emergency calls to border agents may contribute to needless deaths

Radical sanctuary: Faith groups rally around migrant youth (Tikkun)

Communities of faith are on the front lines of a renewed and growing movement pushing for basic aid and a path to legalization for some 11 million migrants living in the United States without legal status. Many are organizing relief for tens of thousands of recently arrived women and youth migrants from Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala.


The Egg and the Rock: One South Korean village’s fight against the Navy (Middlebury Fellowship in Environmental Journalism)

The tiny, southern-most island of South Korea is known for three things, according to an old saying: wind, rocks and women. Traditions seem bound as much to the rhythms of the sea as to collective memory, social convention or economics.

But since eight years ago, plans for a new naval base on Jeju Island have turned life upside down.

The Egg and the Rock

Sex-offender laws are ineffective and unfair, critics say (Al Jazeera America)

Experts say public registries don’t reduce assault — and sex offenders are increasingly challenging the rules in court. 

Bellucci and Lindsay

In gentrifying neighborhoods, residents say private patrols keep them safe (Al Jazeera America)

Oakland homeowners crowdfund to hire security guards, but critics say the patrols practice harassment.

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Advocates are hopeful that Obamacare will benefit transgender patients (Al Jazeera America)

The law bans discrimination based on gender identity, but what that will mean in practice remains unclear.

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How to stop a deportation (Tikkun)

Deportations are on the rise. According to data from the Department of Homeland Security, last year they hit a record high of nearly 410,000, a rate double what it had been over the previous 10 years. It is an understatement to say that it is difficult to stop a deportation. Legal codes regulating immigration and deportation can be arcane and esoteric, and are described as among the most complicated of U.S. and Canadian laws. Nevertheless, victories are possible.

Steve Li

Selected writing for CorpWatch.org

The war that didn’t happen (Master’s thesis for UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism)

Imagine a world where prisons are not seen as a solution for violence, and gang affiliation is addressed by affected communities who treat it as a consequence of transnational economic violence, forced migration to the U.S. and intergenerational trauma that results. Imagine that the people organizing youth, preventing and responding to gang-related violence are former prisoners and sometimes even current gang members whose work is seen as part of individual and community efforts to heal. Such a world exists, and San Francisco’s Community Response Network (Mission District) is creating it daily, against all the odds.

Jobs, yes. Green-collar ones, no. (East Bay Express)

Green-collar training programs are all the hype. But do graduates get jobs?

The Braceros (UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism)

In the U.S., guest worker programs are sometimes presented as a reasonable path to residency. But what are such programs like for the people who come over through them? I spoke with former guest workers who labored in U.S. farm fields as braceros in the 1940s.







Theolonious Monk: A life rediscovered (Oakland North)

Fan-girlism on Robin D.G. Kelley’s feminist biography about a mysterious jazz legend.