bricksPuck Lo is a writer, researcher and filmmaker. Her work focuses on social movements, diaspora, intersections of race, gender, class — and all things hidden in plain sight.

Recently, Puck recorded oral history interviews with First Nations land defenders in Canada, migrant justice organizers in Montreal and queer elders in Philadelphia. She traveled to Arizona to write for The Nation about the new sanctuary movement that provides shelter to undocumented immigrants. She published a story with Al Jazeera America about migrants who die while crossing the U.S. — Mexico border when their emergency calls to 9-1-1 get forwarded to Border Patrol instead of regular paramedic services. As a LGBTQ Racial Justice Journalism Fellow for Rad.Cat, a worker-owned cooperative research unit, Puck is working on an article about racial profiling in DUI arrests leads to deportations.

Puck graduated from UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism and is pursuing an MFA in Documentary Film at Stanford University.